Love binding with Dusky Antechnus / Intando Isivoko

Male marsupial abandons every thing, every activity including eating for the sake of its female and mating; Isivoko can do sex for 14 hours and above and go on for about two weeks until it may be dies. Suicidal reproduction is common in nature. Many plants—including all grains, many vegetables, and all plants that live just a year—reproduce this way, as do salmon, insects, and a handful of frogs and lizards. The male isivoko’s last days of life are overcome with a feral, testosterone-fueled mating urge and engage in frantic sexual conduct, barely stopping to sleep or eat. Their little bodies disintegrate from the extensive self-neglect due to their last and the love of sex.

Isichitho se Bhakumba

You find a house hold in everyday physical fights because there is isichitho of ibhakumba. Sichitho of Ibhakumba feeds on terrors and dangers, it wants somebody permanently hurt. Ibhakumba is a bit similar to ingozi yokufa the only difference is that it is not for revenge but isichitho to breakup by causing harm, danger or terror one family member or loved one by the other. ‘They attacked each other because isichitho sebhakumba was cast on to them’. Isichitho Ibhakumba affects mostly families; Many siblings die not talking with one another and fighting each other like bulls because of this kind of isichitho. Yes isichitho sebhakumba affect couples as well.

Khokhovula Cultural Village and the Cultural Exchange Centre

The Khokhovula Cultural Village is the place of Cultural Reservation, Peace and of UNITY where friends, families, communities, and strangers come together as one regardless of religion, faith, or cultural background and learn, and understand each other’s cultures and traditions though there will be the main local culture practiced and displayed the most. It is the place of holidays and the crest of the cultural and traditional median of the locals. Ceremonies on the request of enough rains with the Rain Goddesses, Traditional dances, Ancient kind Festival of the harvest, Modern kind Festival, Thorough Celebration of Africa day, Ceremonies on thanks giving to the blessings by the oracles and the spirit of the ‘Highest good’ God in particular, all will be done here.
People from all over the world will be coming to pray for their blessings in this place. Black people of the offspring of slaves or formerly slaves are advised to come and reunite with their original spirits and ancestors here.

Uvutha, the evil fires

Uvutha is a very cruel thing; Uvutha is when they have sent you the goblins to burn your house or your belongings in particular. When uvutha start to trouble you, you really wonder how it happens because sometime it can burn your clothes but not your flesh, in other ways it can burn your in house property and not your house.

Miracles and to be Miraculous

A miracle is an occasion not explainable by natural or scientific act, such an event may be accredited to a supernatural being (God, gods or deities), a miracle performer, a saint or a religious leader. The word “miracle” is often used to typify any useful happening that is statistically unlikely but not contrary to the laws of nature, such as passing the border post invisible without anyone seeing you, Crossing the river walking on top of water, Praying for people making them get possessed and fall down, or simply a “wonderful” occurrence, regardless of likelihood, such as having your accounts paid up without you having done so in person. Other miracles might be: survival of a chronic disease diagnosed as incurable through muthi, prayer powers, spiritual powers with the work of a miracle worker, saint or a religious leader; or simply escaping a life-threatening state of affairs or ‘ overcoming the negativity of any sort’. There are many other things that may be seen as miracles. Prophesying people telling them things like a friend or enemy’s phone number etc.

The Power behind Prophetic Powers

A prophet must be miraculous, must see things and be of great help to the people in and outside his house of worship, things and wonders the prophet does determine his strengths as compared to other prophets. Prophets of old had their spiritual masters where they would consult to extend their prophetic powers; to be a prophet does not mean only to preach and foresee the future but also to force the out comes to your people into good and bright ones while you are able to save and protect them when they need that protection, and the question is ‘how do you prophet protect them when you are vulnerable to what affects them and need protection more than they do’ In this case a prophet need powers otherwise he looses his congregation as he is seen to be weaker and not fit to be a prophet.

Isichitho Sezinduna

Isichitho Sezinduna : It comes in forms of ugly pimples and act like acne, it can be too many of them in smaller sizes or few in bigger sizes and when one heals the other one comes up anew, they normally leave black marks and sports as they dry up. One will tell you it is not painful at all until you squeeze it and the other will tell you they are very painful, they don’t behave the same with different people, it all depend on the amount of the attack. With someone it brings out pass or some substance and with other just water like fluids come out when they squeeze them but still the result is always the same they leave black sports or marks as they dry or heal. The main aim of the attacker is temper with your good looks and cause irritation with the people in your surrounding.

Isichitho soTwayi noma se Mbabazane

The breakup spell (Isichitho) of allergies Isichitho sotwayi/ukuluma komzimba/ukusthanduka kwesikhumba sengangathi uphashile/ukhwekhwe thizeni oluhambisana nembandama besekuyaluma sengathi uhaqazwe yimbabazane: This kind of isichitho is very deadly, dangerous and fatal because sometime it hides when you go for a hospital check, the western specialist will diagnose nothing wrong in your body yet it is continuing to eat you up. Untreated it results in death after a long pain, itching, and all that irritation of itches. This mainly starts by attacking your private parts and surrounding areas of your body.

Me again: Khokhovula the Great Sangoma

Misunderstanding consulting with amadlozi the ancestors. I wish all people had two eyes and the sixthsense to always avoid confusion and fallacy, somebody goes to an unscrupulous Traditional healer/ Sangoma at the flats in cities, he is told that he will be made to talk with his ancestors directly on a voice to voice conversation. […]