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Power gluttony and Power greed is a disease that kills some Legacies


 A strong spiritual Sensation


People must maintain the good deeds to the good ending that is a good spirit and sure a good and ongoing Legacy filled with Godliness and worth remembering all lifelong, it is praiseworthy.


To be the leader of a nation, of the country and its people is by the will of God and the country’s guide ship spiritually. In other words the leader is born and spiritually chosen. Some leaders are born great but others achieve greatness from the blues and both the greatness can be greatness that thrusts upon them if they derail from their righteous channel. In Babylon in the biblical times according to some bible passages; there lived a leader by the name Nebucadinezar, a king and a ruler who ruled with a tight hand being ruthless. He wouldn’t mind sending men and women to the lion den as punishment or death sentence.


This Babylonian leader lived very long according to the bible, each and every day people woke up with a death wish for him but he went on alive and stronger until those who wished him dead had died before seeing his death. Some people who had suffered brutality and what we may call abuse of human rights today by the hand of Nebucadinezar ended up losing faith even with God and their Oracles. It is not that God and the countries’ spirits were not watching, it is not that the spirits and the gods did not want to come to the people’s rescue from the hand of the cruel Nebucadinezar, it is because it was time, there had to be a revelation. Power hungry and power mongering Nebucadinear had to be exposed at last.


It is said that God came to Nebucadinezar through a dream, he dreamt of a very big man who was made out of silver, bronze, metal, gold etc. there came a huge stone in his dream and smashed the man into pieces. Nebukadinezar was very worried with the dream, he had to find the interpreters to intepret what the dream meant to his life and kingdom. He found Belshazar/ Daniel who interpreted his dream that it symbolized the bitter ending to his long ruling / kingdom, Daniel went on to tell Nebucadinezar that when that time come it will be hard for Nebucadinezar to relinquish power. He went on to tell him that the signs that would be strong omens of such will be wars/violence and droughts in that land.


In other words, what Nebucadinezar was seeing in his dream is the alertness that his monarchy regardless of his toughness and power is a cursed kingdom. Nebucadinezar wouldn’t relinquish power, he would even query or want to fight even the Gods for the power, he ruled with cruelty and brutality. He was honored and followed by everyone even by those who wished him dead. It is not because everyone followed and loved him but feared him. Citizens lived in perpetual fear and terror to such an extent that they could not even trust their shadows.


Now My dream, Khokhovula’s dream about Great President Robert Gabriel Mugabe


It was towards the end of the second quarter of the year last year twenty sixteen (2016) that I Khokhovula Gundabaloyi dreamt of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. In my dream he was in a deep navy suit, somebody came and removed the suit from him and shortly he was wearing a two piece blue working overall (worksuit). After that I saw him in a train greeting people and being very nice to people. I in a dream then said “look at Mugabe he is very kind to people, he even have adjusted to take the level status of ordinary people, that really means he is a good President”. I went on to tell people in the dream that “look he is even using a train than those expensive luxurious cars as the symbol and significance to the love and interaction with people on the ground”. Just after my saying  (in a dream), the clouds started to show the sign of forming rains and there after I saw the earth’s trees and all plants blossoming but President Mugabe the man was still in his overalls waving to people in a train that was moving slowly.


From that dream I started suspecting that the last quarter of the year twenty seventeen (2017) can be President Robert Mugabe’s fall of power or possible death, I also suspected or was made to believe that he will hardily finish the year twenty (2018). I told my wife of this dream and what I thought of the dream in its meaning, I went on to talk with my trusted people and friends about it and as I have posted this article those people will remember.


I remember when I went to Zimbabwe and heard that President Robert Mugabe went to Matopo hills to celebrate his birthday, I told the elders that I personally don’t think he was celebrating the birthday but solely think or suspect that he was there to plead for clemency with the spirits/ the goddesses of Njelele for the shootings and the wrong doings that took place in Njelele during struggle.  The goddess that gave people of the land enough rains was provoked, so I solely think he was going there to plead for clemency with the rain Goddess. (To think and suspect is not a crime but only the shrewdness of a thought)


Asking for forgiveness and a kiss goodbye

I went on to tell the elders about President Mugabe’s birthday that I suspected something wrong and very wrong was going to happen to him after the Matopo so called birthday celebration. Not to say that he did not have a right to celebrate a birthday there in Matopo; who am I to say that, but what I’m clearly saying here is that people have a feeling on certain things; a strong spiritual sensation and the reconciliation; I think that is exactly the matter with President Mugabe’s Matopo birth day celebration. In other words, I call this birth day a plea for clemency and compassion by the President to the spirits of Njelele.


What followed the President Robert Mugabe’s Matopo birth day celebration?


The celebration party was looked upon by many as the campaign for the next elections but I told them that it is no campaign but the plea for forgiveness and reconciliation by the President to the spirits. He might have not known or was not aware he is doing that but that is exactly what he did. The spirits might have understood and forgave President Robert Mugabe. I’m saying this because after his Matopo birth day; should I call it party or celebration, there was enough rains and people harvested after many years of dry seasons and droughts.


The curse and signs of ending of his monarchy


Signs of curses followed as well for the rains were not culm, they destroyed a lot of things, roads and bridges were heavily destroyed, plants and many properties were destroyed by the rains and these forces of nature, which is likely to be the anger of the spirits God and ancestors in particular. It is in two ways; you might find that the country got too much rains than they needed because God wanted to clean the blood shed of the liberation struggle and or that of some massacres in our political brutality; nobody knows only the spirits and the Oracles.


My dream opion from my waking life


From the dream I had about the President Robert Mugabe, I in a waking life suspected it might be meaning that after the spring into summer he will lose power or possibly pass on. I even went on to tell trusted friends and some pastors that the President will lose power in the last quarter of the year and will hardily finish his year next year.


Why do I publish it only now?


I knew that social networks are monitored, if I would do so by that time I would find myself in trouble maybe. It was my wish to find someone from that family and share my dream with them or perhaps try to interpret the dream to them, but where would I find them. It is not a crime to dream I think many people do dream during their sleep, it is the same with me but mine dream are in most cases very accurate and very meaningful.


We thank you President Robert Mugabe for Resigning though I feel that you took time to make that decision. You are undisputed hero you messed it by holding too long on to power and doing first things last. God kept you so long in power for his own reasons, Blessed or cursed administration, it is not in our hands now only god knows.

You are not the only one, God deed the same with lot of leaders in the bible history, and it is not you who chose yourself, the suffering of the people was all from the will of God. Thank for the role you played.


Condolences to President Robert Mugabe

You wouldn’t be the president for ever like you know you are not going to live forever, I was watching television and looking at you struggling to make just one decision and resign for the goodness of the country and the people; I said to myself; Oh God is power so much of a disease; is my old man and a hero not seeing he is making himself feel a great deal of pain, what kind of spirit is that which make a hero fail to see he has no power to hold on any more. I thought of my grandfather and I was near tears. But still there was this thing in me that your refusal to resign is killing my spirit and everyone you call your people. But at least at last you deed the right thing. Go well Old man you have played your part.


Bless those who are coming after you that they may not be power greedy, that they may take that what we consider good works of yours and bury to the intestines of the earth that which we consider the negative in you.


Be blessed and forgiven in whatever may be looked upon as transgressions, bless us never turn to us in a bad way, be a good spirit even when God may decide your departure on earth as he decided your fate in your long and hard administration. Give powers to the one who will succeed you in good faith and good spirit. Reeeeeeeest, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest and Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest at home.


Oh———–otherwise these guys have helped you relieve your headaches from the Tony Blair, Bush and European warfare; just rest at home, you are still a hero though you nearly killed your heroism and legacy by holding on to nothing.


Conclusively, his leadership must have been questioned by many, though the same God that has been keeping him is the same God that has been prayed by the innocent and the suffering.


True leadership must be led by the spirit of integrity and humbleness in governance  


Your Great Spiritualist Khokhovula Gundabaloyi


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