UKUTHWALA THAT IS VERY SAFE) GOOD WAYS OF WEALTH!!!! (BETTER THAN ILLUMINATTI) +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Good rituals as opposed to ukuthwala for money, riches and wealth last longer or forever, this is with the fact that it is not marked by anything unlike the ukuthwala for riches which is marked by so many sacrificial demands which leads to problems when not honored. You forever grow bigger, and bigger and bigger.

Powers and Supernatural powers +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Khokhovula is a Heavy Duty when it comes to spiritual and traditional healing, he uses plus five elements of universe that contain powers and spiritual powers. The number is unlimited if you will consider the subs which are many things found and produced by earth. Binding homes and property, strengthening and binding bodies, doing rituals for families according to their ancestor spirits requirement and needs. With these powers Khokhovula is able to do his spirituality and traditional healing with success.