Prophetic Powers And Miraculous Powers For Pastors And Bishops

Rituals for prophetic and spiritual powers by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, serving pastors and all the church leaders who want to be highly spiritual and prophetic as well as being miraculous and powerful; you are powered to run your church business profitably.


Yes ukuthwala for money, success and riches is dangerous but still there are better ways to secure wealth and success with umuthi, the rituals of success from the humbled spirits of wealth that works with integrity other than the hijacked angry spirits of ukuthwala.

Become A World Renowned Football Player!!!

Become A World Renowned Football Player Better than (Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Suarez) I have rituals that bring you success in and outside the football field. These rituals uplift you and make you a magnet of divine favors. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the only result you get is utmost success. My name is […]

Sports and muthi (Udumo nobungcwethi)

Binding a player for success in games that he grows and have fame in his carrier, the power, the fame and the skill in any game, it can be football, athletics and many other games. A player needs a binding so that he/she goes higher, bigger, and famous in the game and most of all that he/she becomes a winner through muthi powers.

Spiritual and Traditional Albinism Phobias Muthi, Beliefs, Powers, Traditions, spirituality and Albinism

Many Albinos and people in general have been butchered for Muthi and Magic purposes, with people thinking they will be filth rich through using their body parts. It is foolishness, stupidity and barbaric to believe that albinism has properties that give Muthi the strength to make someone rich or to add to magic powers. I really do not know where this barbarism, stupidity, foolishness, madness, confusion and blindness came from, with who does it come and really from which planet is it formed, and that is really a very hideous planet.

Look at people like Bill Gates amongst others, he got filth wealth through computers, not albino body parts; look again at these barbarians in their beliefs , they harm and brutally kill innocent albinos but we have never had of any of them in the list of the rich people of the world, they remain poor though.