Angry Spirits of the Slaves Ancestors in the Bay of the Biscay (In the Sea near France and Portugal)

Angry spirits due to people thrown in the sea

Long back when Africa people and few other nations were captured fore slave trading, some ships had to spend longer times as much as a month, two or three due to lack of winds to pull the ships forward or as a resting place. Due to the ugly situation and treatment to the captives (The Slaves) and their hunger strikes, many of them died and were thrown into the water by the cruel slave traders who had captured them.  Some were being thrown alive for what they called rudeness and misbehaving. These souls parted with their flesh very painful and very angrily yearning for revenge and pay back

Where is Bay of Biscay and why are Spirits causing accidents to the Ships and boats

The Bay of Biscay is near France and Portugal till this day today many ships are experiencing a lot of accidents and sink there which is due to retaliation by the angry spirits of the African people who were captured for slavery by the slave traders and their lives brutally ended there. What is happening with this place is that it is too harsh,  it raises stronger and powerful waves that causes especially small ships and bouts to sink and this is the revenge by the angry spirits, which is by other means evidently the proof of the existence and the power in the spirit of an African soul.

 What is needed to stop this Spiritual fury and the enthusiasm to pay revenge?

In the mere fact the place needs the true spiritualists from both African and the western side to do rituals of reconciliation for these spirits of the slave ancestors to calm down and accept to reconcile. By so doing the angry spirits of the slaves will calm down and stop attacking the boats and ships. Many things of this nature have happened even outside the sea, whereby a person die of accident maybe on the road and that spirit claim other lives through the same or heavier accidents to built its own community and the place ends up labeled ‘ High accident zone’

The existence of the spirits

I feel pity and so pitiful with those who do not believe such spirits are there and they fully exists, it is until such a time that people are faced with the same situation in their surroundings that they start to seek for spiritual help and advice.  In Cape Town and surrounding sea areas, there was a place with same problems and some rituals were done to plead for forgiveness and clemency with the spirits. That is from the slaves around Cape Town that sunk with the ship or boat.

Dealing with Spirits that troubles people and families

At Khokhovula we deal with spirits that haunts and are problematic to families, some I forcefully chase them but others don’t need the chasing but only to respond with their needs through some rituals and offerings in some families’ pertain and line of spiritual connectivity.

What is happening with the descendents of these souls that ended brutal in the Bay of Biscay?

Truly these spirits are not at peace with their offspring; when ever a soul is at the spirit state, they expect a lot from their offspring, they expect them to fight in triumphant the wars and battles they lost when they were still alive as humanoids. They show this by bring minor problems and sicknesses to those of their bloodline that perhaps they go consult with some spirit mediums and find out the needs by their spirits.

Don’t be fooled spirits never die, and your spirits will be part of your down fall if you dispose of them. Every person on earth have Ancestor spirits, that is why people mock them, insults, blame and turn away from them but they still come back to their original spiritual roots. Even the Pastors themselves confidentially consult with their ancestor guides who give them powers to lead profitable.

Search the state of your Ancestor Spirits and your Spiritual Guides for corrections.

You might be one of those angry ancestors at the Bay of Biscay or any of their own kind; you need to do some corrections by rituals of reconciliation and calming down of their furious circumstances. Some ignore these things but take into account why in many countries people who died at war were dug and reburied at their homes decently, it was because of their spiritual state which needed to be reunited with their people. And suitable rituals are done. If you want to see the endless war, continue fighting with your spirits; and your fight is a loosing fight.

Where do the angry spirits end?

There will be there for ever and ever until we the humanoids in the waking life responds by doing rituals of reconciliation and ask these spirits of our primitives to calm down and pass on to a peaceful spiritual world than being angry earthily bound spirits that feeds on havoc. I khokhovula your great healer posses the powers to control and cleans and help your earthly bound spirits to transform in to the spiritual world and take their duties of guiding you the offspring and your families. Always help your spirits to help you.

What is the main cause of the furiousness of the spirits and their destructions?

The anger from the painful death they suffered, some unresolved issues from their own lives on earth as humans, some offences against their own ancestors during their lives on earth; these few things I have mentioned amongst many might be a cause for a spirit to be an earthily bound spirit.


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