Not all money rituals are dangerous

 Yes ukuthwala for money, success and riches can be dangerous but still there are better ways to secure wealth and success with umuthi, the rituals of success from the humbled spirits of wealth that works with integrity other than the hijacked angry spirits of ukuthwala. This we call it UKUPHAKANYISWA.

 Spiritual wealth comes from your ancestor in your spiritual lineage

 In each and everyone’s bloodline line in the ancestral background, in that spiritual family tree, in those spiritual paternity and maternity, there are generations which were wealthy according to what they considered wealth during that era. Now you invite those spirits for this person and make them active spiritual guides to make him/her succeed in everything.

 Your spirits are directed to force your successes

 These guides have to work strictly to guide this person towards his works and means of income and make this person succeed in things he does, there are no everyday sacrifices and lots of demands from this one as that of ukuthwala does. These spirits are helped to work up and serve this person to grow in success